About Us

Snow Moose Entertainment

We are an Indie Game Development company based in Sweden.

The company is driven by one person with the main field of Level Design.

We want to bring awesome ideas to life in the digital world for everyone to enjoy and explore!

Snow Moose Entertainment is developing games for PC and Mobile. We are currently developing “The Secret of Gillwood” for PC and Steam players, as well as another Mobile game.
The Secret of Gillwood got Greenlighted in around 2.5 months on Steam and the planned release is Q1/Q2, 2018.

The Mobile game for Android is planned to be released on Google Play Store Q2, 2018.

Development tools

Snow Moose Entertainment is working in Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

Previous work and some history of the founder

Back in 2013 the founder of Snow Moose Entertainment produced a prize-winning level design for the game ”Rift”’s competition: ”GET IT FIRST – THREE SPRINGS DIMENSION” (http://community.riftgame.com/en/2013/06/26/get-it-first-three-springs-dimension/) – under alias: ”Akjoman” with ”Death Puzzle And House”.

Click here to view a walkthrough of the prize-winning level design on youtube.